BlackList 1.02

Create a list of callers you'd rather not hear from



    • Design could be better

    No more unwanted calls! BlackList application automatically rejects any unwelcomed call. The program is fully customizeable and easy to use. There are custom rules that can contain persons from contacts, groups of persons from contacts, custom phone numbers, there are selective situations, tight interaction with Contacts, handy log, etc, etc...

    Behind the screen:

    • BlackList cancels unwanted call immediately even before your phone starts ringing => No irritation caused by these calls at all!
    • What the caller hears: BlackList makes busy line effect for unwanted caller. Your phone will be always busy for an unwanted caller even without bringing your attention
    • Auto start feature: If BlackList was activated and your device was rebooted, no need to worry and restart black list manually. It will be autostarted automatically

    Block unwanted calls seamlessly on your Series 60 cellphone.



    BlackList 1.02

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